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Add A Solar Fountain To Your Garden - It Is Hassle Free

There are many people who would love to add a nice water fountain to their garden but don't because of the cost of electricity to keep the water running constantly. They also may not want to hassle with running all the h05rn-f cable and cords underground just to get the power to the water fountain. All of which are very valid reasons why not to add a fountain in your garden. But there is solutions...install a solar fountain.

Installation of solar fountains are very simple and require no electricity which means you don't have to worry about running cables and cords nor the electricity bill for that matter. There is no electricity required!

These solar fountains are really a thing of beauty flexible cable types and will attract birds which are a nicely added attraction to your already delightful garden. The birds will not only provide added scenery but will also help control the bug population in your garden.

A solar fountain is powered by a small solar panel that is attached to the fountain. This panel absorbs sun rays which in-turn converts the sunlight into energy which will then run the water pumps on the fountain. Since the panel absorbs the sun rays and stores the energy, the solar fountain will operate all day and night as well. The nice thing is that these solar fountains are easily maneuverable and can be moved from the garden to the porch or wherever else you may want it.
There are a variety of many different solar fountains to choose from and most of these fountains come equipped with a 10ft flexible control cable that runs to the water pump at the bottom of the solar fountain. The pump runs the water to the top of the fountain which then cascades down the fountain into the various pools and then eventually back to the base where it repeats the same process. Most solar fountains come with everything you need and are completely self contained, no need for installation, and will last for many years.

When purchasing a solar fountain, make sure you get one that allow you to position your solar panel so you can position it away from shade into the direct sunlight. Some solar fountains store electricity and others do not. The ones that do not store electricity usually will come equipped with an ac adapter so you can plug it in and use them indoors as well.

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