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Cables are also quite capable of disappearing

Cables are also quite capable of disappearing. I can't remember how many times I have laid a h05rn-f cable down, and after wards looked right into the area I put it but saw nothing, only to suffer the humiliation of having someone return it to me with the mocking statement of, "Oh, it was right over there where you left it." I am beginning to see the benefit of this situation because it alone has robbed me of plenty of years I could have been here giving cables something to laugh about. I don't think I like cables much anymore.

One thing I have that cables don't have is my relationship with God, through his Son Jesus Christ. Unlike cables, I don't get all knotted up due to Murphy's Law, or any other law for that matter, because God has his own brand of law that governs my life. Unlike cables I am not destined to snag on things simply because I they are there. I don't have to bend if the pressures of life are pushing against me at both ends, nor do I necessarily break when I reach my breaking point. God allows me to have a knot-free journey regardless of the things that are trying to turn me this way and that. Unlike cables, when I come into contact with things that would try to ensnarl me, I pass through smoothly without getting entangled.

Cables do, however, experience a kind of resurrection, although technically it's referred to as recycling and can't be identified as the same flexible cable types it was before. This regeneration has been linked to its source of arrogance and pervasiveness but does little to make it a better cable. Recycling restores the life of the cable to a similar physical body, renewed in its longevity, but not as its original physical body.
However, the cable isn't in a live state until electricity is passed through it. That's when it is said to be live. I, on the other hand, will shed my original physical body and live on through my spiritual one, having no need for the electrochemical processes that once allowed electrical current to flow in my old body. Cables don't have spirits you know, but then they don't need them because they won't be going to Heaven. I think they know this, and this is why cables probably attack me, and people like me, more often because our lives are the very antithesis of what their life is. The life of a flexible control cable is how it can be for those who don't belong to God, through faith in Jesus Christ his Son. Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong. Were it not for the grace of God, their lives would be very much like a cable's life - without God's mercy!

So, the next time you are frustrated by a cable in any way, try to remember this I little story I've written then thank God that he even uses cables to make his presence known. You'll never see cables quite the same again, and you'll never again think that you are without God's care. God bless you!
10.7.17 11:20


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